Inventory controlled marketing content

You go to your favorite shopping site and you see a cool new banner add with clickable products in the banner. You click on the product and it sends you to the product page, you select the size, color, and whatever other attributes and then you attempt to add the item to the cart only to find the item is out of stock! So frustrating!

Shoppable images let customers hover over or click hot spots in specific areas where a product overlay shows up and gives the shopper the option to open the product page or add the item directly to the cart.

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 10.33.27 AM.png

Unless you have a tight integration with the eCommerce inventory, you may be frustrating your customers when they realize the product is not in stock. CoreMedia Studio gives you a simple solution to this. With the single click of a check box button the marketing team can tell the content management system to automatically hide the hover button if there is no inventory. This tight and seamless integration with eCommerce, while simple, is extremely powerful for the site manager and also limits the frustration of the customer going down a purchase path to only find the item is out of stock! See how simple it is to make a shoppable image with this inventory option in the quick video below:

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