Let’s meet at NRF2019!

You got it! I will be at NRF with the rest of the CoreMedia team this year. If you have questions for me and the team or just simply want to see a kick-butt demonstration on how you can make your brand iconic then let’s meet at booth 2931 (level 3)!

Then, mark your calendar for our Exhibitor Big Ideas Session on Sunday, January 13th – 1:00pm-1:30pm. More details to come.

Connect with me at bob.balfe@coremedia.com and I will personally give you a tour of the booth!

This year’s NRF is all about joining together to create a new model for retail. If any vendor knows how to make an impact in retail, it’s CoreMedia. CoreMedia Content Cloud helps global brands and retailers manage their content and deliver amazing experiences to any customer on any channel at any time. Come visit us at NRF 2019 – Retail’s Big Show – and let our global team show you how simple it can be to transform your generic online store into a personalized, omnichannel machine for generating loyalty and revenue. – Click here for more info!

Given I am freshly new to the team I took the liberty of adding myself to the NRF photo!


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