Thank you IBM!

My IBM career started, with no surprise, from an acquisition. I started as an Automation Developer for quality assurance on the Lotus Notes and Domino products at Iris Associates. I quickly understood how bad it was to “break the build”, which ran every single day against millions of lines of code. The test frameworks we created over 19 years ago are still in use today, testing over 20M lines of code on more than a half-dozen platforms each and every build. I got the chance to speak at LotusSphere as a Developer – something I had only dreamed of being a customer the prior 10 years – it was a dream come true. Laurie Sprauge took me under her wing and we created a presentation/skit we did for Domino Policies in front of over 2,000 attendees. I was immediately hooked, I love presenting!

Soon after, I got into blogging and making videos about technology, most of it was specific to IBM like Java, Eclipse, Lotus Notes/Domino and before long I aquired a fairly decent following. This was started by the Digital IBMer Initiative where senior leadership encouraged developers to start writing blogs, articles, and code for DeveloperWorks or your own site. It was to grow IBM technology organically on the internet – this was another thing I grew to love very quickly.

I did Lotusphere talks for the next several years until I moved over into WebSphere Commerce – something I didn’t even really know IBM did until a colleague said I should give it a look. I went over into technical sales and wrote some tools and techniques to help out the sellers world-wide in creating complex eCommerce demonstrations quickly. It literally changed the way we sold going forward – creating more compelling demos and POCs in hours versus weeks; something our competition would beat us down for. I then achieved Distinguished Engineer, arguably one of my greatest professional accomplishments (so far) and I have so many to thank for that I can not possibly mention them all here.

I got to travel the world working for IBM and meet amazing people, experience different cultures, centuries old architecture, amazing customers, and most of all, other IBMer’s who all had a common goal – be the best for IBM.

After almost 19 years I will be saying good-bye to IBM and will be seeking out new adventures. I am so grateful for meeting so many inspiring leaders and brilliant engineers and for that, I Thank You IBM.

Stay tuned, I will be announcing my new adventure soon!

8 thoughts on “Thank you IBM!

  1. wow! Bob, you have been one of the most amazing, inspiring and upbeat person I’ve had the pleasure to interact with. Thank you for all that you did to help and support Streebo. Good luck with you new venture and I hope we will stay in touch.

  2. Bob, It has been a pleasure to work with you and would like to thank you for your support and guidance. All the best!

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