The secret weapon of Luxury brands, can your CMS do this?

Differentiating yourself as a luxury brand is almost a necessity today if you want to stay in business. Managing the digital store experience across all channels should be able to be controlled using a single tool. This demonstration Coremedia did at DMEXCO 2018 in Europe is very impressive. With its physical layout of 5 giant flat screen televisions shadowing the main stage, they show the content variants the Coremedia Studio allows you to control for the various devices accessing the site.

Mixing text over images and showing products that appear in a video lets shoppers immediately add products to the cart while watching the video. All of this with no video editing software. The subtle integration with the eCommerce system is so seamless you don’t even realize it’s an integration because the user interface of Coremedia’s Studio gives the creators access to the entire product catalog just as if it were just another content type, brilliant.  This is a very slick demonstration, check it out below as Florian Grebe and Oliver Heyden show off these cool features:

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