Application security made easy with IBM Cloud App ID

I recently had to look at an option for user management, authentication, and security. I was aware of what IBM Cloud App ID was but I never dug into the details.

App ID helps developers to easily add authentication to their web and mobile apps with few lines of code, and secure their Cloud-native applications and services on IBM Cloud. –link

Support for Facebook, Google+,and SAML 2.0 Federation as identity provider options are built into  App ID.  This is a high level marketing video but does a good job describing the basic concepts of App ID.

The cool thing is the App ID also comes with some pretty slick capabilities like logon screens. Check out some of these other articles from the App ID blog to see how slick this integrates into your web and mobile applications.

Use your own branded UI for user sign-in with App ID

Tutorial: Apply End-to-End Security to Cloud Applications

This is definitely something to consider when starting a new mobile application from scratch.

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