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Order management is central to a true omni-channel experience. Whether your call center rep is fixing web carts or your store associate is checking out a shopper for a Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store (BOPIS) order, they all need to be connected. Common pricing, promotions, cart, and access to the central customer profile is key to an omni-channel experience and today, it is expected.

Connecting your bricks and mortar store to your online channels seems so 2010 but believe it or not, many stores are still completely disconnected from their online presence – meaning things like in store inventory is not known on their website to the shopper. This is where stores need to rethink their go to market, offer a seamlessly connected world between their stores and online – and extend offers to “pick up in store” to get them to visit in person because that is where the real experience is – in the store. Customers also expect to be “known” across all channels and if you want to satisfy this then you need to consider a platform that connects them all.

I really like to reference this end to end story my team put together in the beginning of this year. Essentially the entire second half of the story is almost 100% IBM Order Management. Every application from call center, store associate, or the pick and pack mobile experience, are all built on top of the IBM Order Management API’s. If you have already seen the video but just want a refresh for this specific article start the video at the 7:30 mark and the rest is IBM Order Management.

Those same personalizations and experiences can be developed into your own custom applications or even extended by your developers. This brings me to the two courses we have developed for IBM Order Management.

Even though the curriculum is almost identical, the delivery of the code is a little different so the course was split up into two separate modules. In the end, you will learn the same API’s and the same concepts from each module:

IBM Order Management V10 On-Prem Developer Learning Path (Level 400)

IBM Order Management on Cloud Developer Learning Path (Level 400)

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