Book Review: The Dichotomy of Leadership

With a heavy focus on “extreme ownership” and balanced leadership, this book was excellent for aspiring leaders. Especially if you have a military background, it was like watching Saving Private Ryan and learning from all of the leadership examples but with a business focus.

The book drives home the extremes of being a laid back leader to an over the top aggressive leader and everything in between. Explaining how our best leadership traits can actually turn into being our worst. A delicate balance of empathy and hardness are needed across the organization – an extreme point in either direction can wreak havoc on morale and employees willingness to follow. The dichotomy piece for being a good leader also means being a good follower and when to do both. Trusting the smart people you hire to do the right thing and embolden them with the power to do it and get things done. This book is also very good for leaders in the military transitioning into the public sector, carrying the vital leadership skills you learn in the military and applying them to business situations.

If you like cool military stories that get applied to business acumen then this book is for you. If you are not a fan of the military then you might want to consider another leadership book.


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