This is big! Walmart, Sam’s Club Start Mandating Suppliers Use IBM Blockchain

You may recall, over two years ago (June, 2016 to be exact) I called this out on my blog post “The future of eCommerce is with blockchain“. And now it is here!

In that post, I created a sample iOS implementation using a shared ledger approach that tracked the transactions via blockchain. This means, the end consumer could see how long the produce has been in “transit” and even see exactly where it has been since leaving the farm, every step of the way. With the ever increasing globalization of produce, this is becoming more and more important that consumers understand where their food comes from.

With the leafy-greens mandate, more than 100 companies will be required to use IBM’s blockchain service, according to Walmart. – link

With large retailers like Walmart and Sam’s Club getting on board, this will for sure become a global standard. IBM is pushing blockchain in a big way in the supply chain industry and as order management systems come on board to support it you will begin to realize interfaces like I mention in the blog post two years ago.

IBM is working on food traceability with 10 other companies, including Dole Food Co., Unilever NV and Driscoll’s Inc. , a berry supplier. The computer giant holds a leading 32 percent share of the $700 million-plus market for blockchain products and services, WinterGreen Research Inc. said in January, and has 1,500 working in the field. – link


The next wave is to see which eCommerce systems will surface this information to their customers. Eventually, all customers will expect to see “where did this product come from?” on all eCommerce sites. This will be a big hit for environment conscious shoppers who care about poor manufacturing environments, companies who use pesticides, or farm animal abuse.

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