Mobiecom gets certified for all versions of WebSphere Commerce


As you heard, back in Q2 Mobiecom put in support for eSpots – meaning line of business users can easily control marketing content throughout the site using Management Center.  Now, that same Mobiecom storefront is the first storefront to be validated by IBM for all versions of IBM WebSphere Commerce, including V7, V8, V9 and IDC (IBM Digital Commerce), the SaaS version. This is really big news because if you standardize on the Mobiecom storefront, upgrading to new releases of WebSphere Commerce or even to the full SaaS version (IBM Digital Commerce) just got a lot easier.

Mobiecom is a SPA (Single Page Application) storefront developed in ReactJS and leverages the headless commerce concept of IBM commerce to create websites that are immune to IBM migration. The separation of the storefront from the back-end allows the business to boldly move forward with business initiatives and stay independent from any changes on the back-end. – link

If you don’t recall the Mobiecom story, check out the partner review I did for it early this year:

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