Automatically scaling WebSphere Commerce v9 with Kubernetes

In case you missed this extremely impressive webinar, Real World Insights into Upgrading to v9, conducted by our partners LiveArea and Rackspace, you might want to set aside 60 minutes and watch it. We had access and download limits with my last post so I put the entire webinar up on YouTube.

LiveArea – who specializes in Strategy, Design, eCommerce, and Marketing are an excellent partner for various top eCommerce platforms and over 20 years with IBM Commerce. They also have deep expertise in many verticals, so check out their site to see what they can offer you.

Rackspace – a long time player in the managed hosted space. One of the best parts of the webinar is the auto-scaling demonstration of WebSphere Commerce v9 on Kubernetes they created with LiveArea. In the demonstration they put a load test on a v9 install and once the capacity on the transaction server breaches 80% they show how they configured Kubernetes to automatically spawn new pods – very slick demonstration.

The webinar starts with Michael von Bodungen from LiveArea explaining they went through this upgrade themselves and then we dive into the benefits of the v9 platform and what business benefits you will get from upgrading to v9 – and you can trust them because they have done it!  Jacob Vandergoot follows up with migration paths and then on to how to run v9 with the new Docker containers, ending with a kick ass demonstration as I described above by Derek Remund from Rackspace.

Content Key:

  • Introductions –  0:00 – 5:02
  • What makes v9 Different – 5:02 – 13:43
  • What are the benefits to the business – 13:43 – 17:44
  • What are the migration paths – 17:44 – 24:35
  • Our experience migrating a v9 application – 25:35 – 29:30
  • Where/how to run v9 with containers – 29:30 – 35:15
  • Demonstration of auto-scaling with v9 – 35:15 – 46:00
  • Our assessment offer – 46:00 – End


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