My new favorite podcast has changed the way I think

I just spent a week in Las Vegas at THINK. Mostly speaking with partners and customers about Watson and Commerce. On the breaks I spent time learning our partners solutions. Watching and listening to their “pitch” of cool new things. I am always interested in how partners pitch their solution. Learning how my team and I can do things different. When I returned from Vegas I found this new podcast. From an IBM colleague who excels at telling amazing stories. Jeremy Waite launched a brilliant new podcast called “Ten Words“. I listened to his first one and it didn’t disappoint. The stories were brilliant and entertaining and an easy listen. I encourage you to listen to it when you can. Brevity, sincerity, emotional, and most of all entertaining are key. Like each sentence in this post, listen to Ten Words!

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 3.01.42 PM


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