Getting an internship at IBM

I have interviewed many candidates for positions on my teams at IBM and one thing that stands out between candidates is their internships. It seems everyone graduates from great schools with double majors and near perfect GPA’s.

Many times the distinguishing factor is their experiences gained during internships. I personally think they are invaluable for several reasons:

  1. The hands-on real life experience is worth its weight in gold. School is great and shows you can learn but actual on the job experience and working on a real world project is priceless.
  2. Just participating in internships shows a level of seriousness about your career. You could have just relaxed by the side of the pool or goofed off all summer but you chose to put yourself out there and get real world working experience in your field of expertise.
  3. Lastly, being able to talk about your internship experiences and lessons learned to an interviewer is also priceless. It tells the interviewer your overall attitude to trying something new, your level of understanding of what you actually did, and your ability to be thrown into a relatively short-term project and be successful under pressure.

So with that, you can use this link to find all the internships offered at IBM currently. Good luck!

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