New pet cam for Larry’s Cage: Night Owl

Night OwlI recently bought an IP Web Cam for Larry’s cage. Larry is my African Grey bird and has a pretty large vocabulary.

I introduced Larry last week because I was in the process of figuring out what kind of camera I wanted to purchase. I wanted a camera that had local storage; where I could take the SD micro card out and easily get the video onto my Mac and the Night Owl standalone add-on camera met the bill.

The setup was pretty interesting. You download the Night Owl application and you add a new device. The application tells you to connect your phone to the built in Wifi hot spot built into the camera to configure it and attach it to your local wifi. I was totally impressed with the setup of this camera – great job Night Owl.

I can’t tell you how many people come to the house and say I should record Larry and that he is hilarious. So here it is. I created a video series I have on my other YouTube channel “CodeByLarry” where I host “Saturdays with Larry”.

Some things he clearly says in this video:

“You’re a good baby”, “I love you”, “Bye Bye”, “Clicks”, “Larry”, “kiss sound”, “Open the door”, “Hey”, “Come here”, “hey Bobby”, “woo hoo”, “Go lay down”, “There you go”, “Hi Larry”, “give me a kiss”, “You want some pizza”, “yup, ok, thank you”.

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