Your time is valuable and Amazon just gave a little of it back to you.

You no doubt have heard that Amazon’s new store in Seattle is all the rave. Essentially eliminating a century old problem – the checkout line.

The technology behind Amazon’s new “Amazon Go store” is nothing short of amazing. If you think about it, instead of investing in cash registers and cashiers or even fancy “tap” devices for blue tooth payment systems (Apple, Google), Amazon just skipped it all! Using their mobile application, you shop and checkout with your phone and then simply walk out. No more lines! Can you imagine the headaches this is going to save for busy shopping seasons?

At about 1,800 square feet, the Amazon Go store adds to the company’s growing physical store presence and its expansion into groceries after its purchase last year of organic grocer Whole Foods and its 470 stores. (link)

This sort of reminds me of where most brick and mortar stores are today: “how do I get my in store inventory visible on the web store?“. Amazon completely skipped over that concept also and went right to an application that allows you to check out via their mobile device – bye bye cashiers. I am not really sure if they are tracking inventory via the purchases but if I know Amazon, they most likely are. This is going to transform stores and the way the consumer interacts with a brand. A self serve model that expands beyond digital and into the physical. This is the perfect fit for today’s millennial – why deal with people when I can just use my phone?

Knowing how brands like Home Depot, Best Buy, Staples, and many other vendors use their buy-online-pickup-in-store features in their online stores to provide inventory visibility to its online shoppers I don’t think this idea is far off from being the way all stores will allow you to shop in the near future. We have certainly come a long way in 100 years…


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