IBM Announces version 9 of WebSphere Commerce!

v9So much to be writing about for version 9! I am overly excited about this release of WebSphere Commerce Version 9. This is essentially a brand new platform, a complete technology update, and most of all a true Microservices architecture which is not only lightweight and self-contained but built on Docker containers for continuous delivery!

Mix that with over 20 years of tooling enhancements and functionality and you have the best eCommerce platform on the planet. Having the option to be manage hosted by IBM in a private cloud or run WebSphere Commerce on premise gives you the best options that fit your company and staffing needs.

What’s new in Version 9 includes information about new functionality and changes in existing functionality from previous WebSphere Commerce Version to the modernized WebSphere Commerce Version 9 release:

  • Microservices architecture, with lightweight, self-contained, distributed servers, supports horizontal scaling, parallel development, and utilization of modern, open source tools.
  • Docker containers deliver key benefits for DevOps, including deployment automation, delivery acceleration, and application portability.
  • Flexible deployment options for Docker containers gives IT organizations more infrastructure choices for e-commerce workloads, including all cloud options: private, public, or hybrid deployment.
  • Evolution of the technology stacks makes customization of the brand and business user experience more efficient and cost effective. Key changes include adoption of lightweight IBM WebSphere Liberty, replacement of Enterprise JavaBeans™ (EJBs) with Java™ Persistence API (JPA), introduction of the externalized customization (xC) programming model, a RESTful API model, and implementation of the jQuery framework for Aurora starter store.
  • Deeper integration with IBM Watson® Content Hub, an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled content management system, helps transform volumes of digital brand assets into a comprehensive library making it easier to find and use assets to create strategic and impactful content.

You can read up on the details of the new platform in the Knowledge Center, which has all of the critical information you need to know about moving to v9.

For Developers, be sure to check out the online tutorial “Implement a continuous deployment pipeline for WebSphere Commerce Version 9” to learn about how you can take advantage of Docker containers by setting up and running your own CI/CD pipeline for production.

If you are knew to this blog and want to see how WebSphere Commerce fits into the broader Watson Customer Engagement portfolio of products you should watch one of these videos. One is an end to end Business to Customer (B2C) scenario and the other is a Business to Business to Customer (B2B2C) scenario with a focus on B2B.

2 thoughts on “IBM Announces version 9 of WebSphere Commerce!

  1. What is the recommended path to upgrade? Consider an esite running on WCS ,having been developed around a mix of traditional and modern elements i.e it uses Rest services but at the same time there is almost 70% of the code written using data beans on jsps,name value pair,views using dojo etc..What should be done now so that the upgrade is easier in future?

    • You should probably meet with a technical seller or services person because there are many approaches you could go, lift and shift first, then EJB’s to JPA, etc.

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