Video: An End-to-End B2B Watson Customer Engagement Demonstration

B2B is being transformed by cloud and digital and the Watson Customer Engagement platform is leading the way. Take a look at this end to end B2B story that brings together eCommerce, Marketing, and Supply Chain.

4 thoughts on “Video: An End-to-End B2B Watson Customer Engagement Demonstration

  1. Hi Bob,
    Wonderful video. A few questions –
    1. Is IBM BTI (cognitive?) a new product in the customer engagement portfolio and at what point is it integrated with other WCE applications.
    2. In the video, is Salesforce integrated with SOM/CPQ or with WCS? The configuration error shatterproof/waterproof shown is produced by which application.

    Thanks, Lalit

    • Yes BTI does have some cognitive elements. For the video, the integration with Salesforce could be through CPQ but in this case it was against base WebSphere Commerce because the model was trivial.

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