Learn about IBM Digital Commerce today!

The self-serve omni-channel cognitive eCommerce platform is here, welcome IBM Digital Commerce!

IBM Digital Commerce

Don’t you wish you could focus on delivering a first class eCommerce experience for your customers while not having to worry about things like scalability, upgrades, or having to re-implement your customizations during upgrades?  Depending on your level of customizations and the size of your site upgrades can be daunting projects. Imagine moving to a platform where those long arduous projects are a thing of the past and your line of business users can strictly focus on the things that bring money in – your shoppers experience. Add in augmented intelligence delivered by IBM Watson and you have the first cognitive SaaS eCommerce platform: IBM Digital Commerce.

This new SaaS platform is destined to completely change the way you work with eCommerce. The self-serve platform is positioned to get you up and running very quickly with its easy to follow registration process and also minimize the pain of upgrades with a new externalized customization model (xC) that protects your customizations during upgrades. IBM Digital Commerce provides a fully integrated set of business user tools for store management, merchandising, and marketing tasks including management of catalogs, promotions, campaigns, prices, page layouts, and stores. Did I mention it also include Watson Content Hub as part of the subscription in the Standard Edition? Yep, a centralized content repository with Watson Visual recognition built right in!

With an SLA from IBM with a 99.9% uptime how can you go wrong?

The first thing I recommend is to watch these 16 videos in the play list below. It will give you a really good feel from an administration and developer perspective how easy it is to work with, push code to, and run a first class eCommerce platform.  Stay tuned for more blog posts as I scour the new documentation and learn the tips and tricks of this cool new platform.

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  1. Nice reading, however the link below the text and the sharing icons regarding the “must see smarter commerce global summit 2014″…. that is 3 years ago… feels a bit weird.

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