CoreMedia nails it with Watson API integrations

In this episode of Partner Connect I show the latest enhancements CoreMedia has implemented with a few Watson API’s. I show three cool integrations in this video: Watson Conversation Services, Watson Visual Recognition Services, and Watson Translation Services.

You have heard of “chat bots”, well, think of Watson Conversation as a chatbot on steroids. CoreMedia has done some really slick dialog in their studio to help users complete various tasks within their software. They then use Watson Visual Recognition to automatically suggest tags and even recommend if products were found in the image – which you can then create image maps and link them into your commerce catalog.  Lastly, once your landing page or content is created you can then localize your content with a click of a button using Watson Translation services!

Since this video is so long I do a 3 minute overview in the beginning because the actual demonstration is about 15 minutes but well worth it!

1 thought on “CoreMedia nails it with Watson API integrations

  1. Thanks for your motivating feedback, Bob! I’m a big fan of your blog. Like you, we see tremendous potential for A.I. and content at CoreMedia. It is amazing how well A.I. fits into CoreMedia’s content management platform. It is possible to create thousands of individual landing pages on the fly, each based on an individual photo from a Hollywood or fashion show. With the help of A.I. everybody can “shop the look” in an instant.

    Thanks again. Looking forward to read your next piece.

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