Time sensitive pricing with multiple overrides in IBM Commerce

I am going to start addressing customer questions and requests a little differently. I figure what better way to do these videos then have real problems surfaced. So here it goes.

I have a customer asking about pricing in IBM Commerce, specifically WebSphere Commerce. Take a read of the scenario they laid out for me:

We use Oracle RPM to manage our prices. We have three prices we would like to control by start and end dates. A list price, a clearance price, and a promotional price. We would like clearance price to supersede the list price and the promotional price to supersede the clearance price when specified. Here is an example:

  • List price is always effective with just a starting date.
  • We have a clearance price that is set for the next two months.
  • In the same two months, we have a weekend special promotion price.

Take a look at the video for how this can easily be solved in WebSphere Commerce.

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