Amazing – Viv – the future of applications with natural language queries

The team behind Siri debuts its next-gen AI “Viv” at Disrupt NY 2016. This is some pretty amazing technology. Mixing natural language queries with applications is changing the way we use devices and technology.

Viv is an artificial intelligence platform that enables developers to distribute their products through an intelligent, conversational interface.

I can imagine all kinds of applications for this technology. Virtual concierge kiosks in restaurants, hotels, theme parks, etc.


New Tutorial – Customer Service Interface in IBM Commerce Storefront

In Version 8 of WebSphere Commerce we now have a Customer Service module that is loaded into the base store front. This interface allows customer service reps to use the same shopping experience as their customers. They can take over a cart, modify it, and even do all kinds of account management on behalf of the customer, even add comments to the order. The tutorial is a specific scenario for taking a phone order using the new interface.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 1.04.00 PM

This year at Amplify in Tampa we will be showcasing these stop by and try tutorials at the IBM Commerce Showcase booth so make sure you stop by or register today!

In the mean time, you can look at the recording my team put together of one of these tutorials. The recording is my team going through the self paced tutorial (IBM Commerce Showcase) for the “Taking a phone order” tutorial and narrating the scenario as it happens. These tutorials, and the other ones in the play list are actual live click through demonstrations that WebSphere Commerce customers can use for up to 30 days at no charge. Speak with your IBM sales representative to get an account if you are interested in these new tutorials.

Time sensitive pricing with multiple overrides in IBM Commerce

I am going to start addressing customer questions and requests a little differently. I figure what better way to do these videos then have real problems surfaced. So here it goes.

I have a customer asking about pricing in IBM Commerce, specifically WebSphere Commerce. Take a read of the scenario they laid out for me:

We use Oracle RPM to manage our prices. We have three prices we would like to control by start and end dates. A list price, a clearance price, and a promotional price. We would like clearance price to supersede the list price and the promotional price to supersede the clearance price when specified. Here is an example:

  • List price is always effective with just a starting date.
  • We have a clearance price that is set for the next two months.
  • In the same two months, we have a weekend special promotion price.

Take a look at the video for how this can easily be solved in WebSphere Commerce.