My new video blog: Code by Larry

I have decided to create a new blog and youtube channel dedicated to software development tips and tricks. I feel this blog has turned more toward eCommerce and what I do for IBM than the original developer type blog. This blog will continue to be focused on eCommerce and development around its tools. The new Code By Larry site will focus on more general programming techniques and lessons. The new blog format combined with using tools like JSFiddle allows me to also share the fiddles with my audience. So you not only get to see the tip but you get to have the code!

The Code By Larry came about when I moved my African Grey Parrot into my work area. He interrupts a lot and I figured I would create a brand around it.  Unfortunately it wasn’t until I recorded the fifth video was Larry in the room.  So I will embed that video here so you will get a taste of being educated and entertained. He doesn’t say much in this first video but I am sure it gets better. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

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