Will social commerce adopt the Facebook like emotions?



Now that the world will be sending all kinds of mixed emotions along with their “likes” on Facebook I guess the next natural question is will eCommerce offer the same gestures?

Without a doubt a brand will immediately win or lose with this new twist. Imagine being really unhappy about your experience with a product and are able to just “like with an angry face” with the click of a button – no comment, nothing.

I am sure there will be a brand confident enough to do this as many brands live and breath by their reputation and customer satisfaction.

You mix these new statistics with a cognitive platform and the results could be used to really hone down your sites return on investment. Cognitive analytics with a rule based engine could essentially merchandize your site for you. Easily moving products, create dynamic new categories based on popularity or automatically changing pricing based on customer feedback.

A cognitive system would also be able to assist a person shopping based on their profile and the sentiment feedback of the products in the catalog. A good example is the North Face Intelligent Shopper experience. That site asks you questions about where you are going and the dates and times and prepares you for the trip offering the suggested products. Now, take it one step further, the cognitive platform could then use the social analytics to not only recommend the products based on function but put the most popular ones first. This is actually possible with todays technology and the many social sentiment scoring solutions out there. The key here would be you would own the data. Having social sentiment being a part of your core analytics data saves money in the long run.

Maybe taking the Facebook emotions and have an industry based set. For instance, a store like BJ’s, or Staples, Wal-Mart, etc could have one for the price being too high:




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