My YouTube channel year in review

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I really enjoyed making videos this year. I have gotten a lot better with the green screen and different production techniques. I really started taking advantage of on screen labels, animation, zoom ins and even did a few videos using a teleprompter, which I home made. If anyone is interested in know how I made it let me know and I can blog about it. I have really gotten better with Final Cut Pro X still find it absolutely amazing every time I learn a new trick – such quality software.

This year I produced 50 videos! It was an all time high for my channel. Now, you may not see all of the videos because some are not listed and are only available from a source link but most of those videos are public.

I had over 78,000 minutes watched with over 30,000 views. I gained 60 likes, thank you! I also gained over 100 new followers – I now have over 500 subscribers to my channel!

Happy New Year!

And thank you for watching my videos and all of your suggestions and interactions!



Here are the top 10 videos watched and the new likes in 2016 on my channel:

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