Thank you for a great 2015 and Happy New Year!

I had 44 posts to this blog in 2015. My blog was read in 106 countries with a total view count of just over 100,000 views.

I want to thank you all for reading and engaging with me on my blog, in emails, on YouTube and of course LinkedIn and Twitter.

Also, if you use to subscribe to this blog, please re-subcribe. I lost all of my subscriptions when I moved to and they were not able to transport them. Go to my main site and subscribe in the upper right.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 9.19.54 PM

For those interested, here are my top 20 blog posts in order of popularity this year:

Which Java sort is faster – MergeSort, QuickSort or Arrays.sort?
Finding the XPath in Internet Explorer
Properly cleaning up a JQuery Dialog box to prevent memory leaks
Getting and setting radio button values with JQuery
26 Node-Red nodes for your arsenal!
What the heck is BlueMix and why do I care about it?
5 Experts give us 12 tips for optimizing your IBM WebSphere Commerce Site
What the heck is an eSpot?
Major Apple mess up: This computer is already associated with an Apple ID sees results with Metail
New OpenNTF Project – Multiple Database Search
Objective-C and Opening files in your iOS application from mail
Rule based categories in WebSphere Commerce
Blog Moved to
Understanding the widget framework in WebSphere Commerce Feature Pack 7
Customizing Banner Ads in WebSphere Commerce
Debug JavaScript and HTML in a UIWebView on an iOS Device
plugin_customization.ini and Eclipse preferences
WebSphere Commerce developer tutorials on InfoCenter
IBM WebSphere Commerce v8 is here at last!

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