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A 12 year relationship I had with my ISP was ruined two days ago when my ISP stated they would not unlock xmlrcp.php for my WordPress site. After hours of arguing with them and showing patch after patch they never budged. So that is when the real story begins…


I decided to move my blog to No more customizations, or me creating my own themes, etc. I am done with that and now I can rest easy to know I am on a highly scalable platform with amazing support.

I bought the premium package because I wanted my own domain “” and have some more options for themes. I might even consider the business plan if I see some cool themes.

What absolutely amazed me was I had two chats going. One chat with my ISP and one chat with support open in two browsers. I really should have kept the scripts because they were complete opposite. The ISP chat was pretty much me calling them names and them spewing canned responses which then I got more upset. All the while the folks were already in the process of moving my site for me. Their support chat was amazing and could quickly answer questions or actually do stuff for you instantly. The problem is once the one question is done or if you don’t have anything else they end the chat. However, each person I chatted with, about 5 different ones, all could immediately dive into the problems and had the complete context. I was totally amazed!

let’s just let the developers run a script on your site to fix all of the paths

I will say we had one hiccup with the move, when I first imported my site the DNS redirect was already running and none of my images got transferred. We resolved that but then the site had broken links everywhere. We had some ideas how to resolve it but the WordPress Support said “no, let’s just let the developers run a script on your site to fix all of the paths.”. I was like “oh ok, go ahead”. They had the site completely fixed within an hour or so. Once again, totally impressed with I hope this will be a long relationship!

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