IBM WebSphere Commerce v8 is here at last!


In case you missed the announcement, IBM just announced WebSphere Commerce v8!

There are going to be a lot of posts over the next month on the many new features in this release. I am most excited for two particularly interesting features, the first one is the new customer service representative features (CSR):

WebSphere Commerce V8.0 provides new customer service enhancements with Customer Service for WebSphere Commerce that enable a customer service representative (CSR) to resolve common issues and capture orders. These new capabilities are built into the WebSphere Commerce V8.0 storefront and enable a CSR to perform key tasks on behalf of a guest, registered customers, and for both B2B and B2C business models. Customer Service for WebSphere Commerce is offered for both Professional and Enterprise editions. – link

And of course the next is the long anticipated IBM Commerce Insights which:

IBM intends to deliver Commerce Insights in 2015, as a separately orderable, software as a service (SaaS) offering that can be used with your on premises or on cloud deployment of IBM WebSphere Commerce V8.0. – link

Now that all sounds great but some other important things to know is WebSphere Commerce now supports WAS ND 8.5, DB2 10.5 and of course RAD 9.5 for development.
But the developer in me is really excited because WebSphere Commerce Management Center now leverages dynamic HTML (DHTML) and the open source framework Spring. Which means extending the WebSphere Commerce tooling will be much easier going forward. Woo Hoo!
This really is a great release and I can’t wait to share all of the great features, stay tuned!

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  1. Hey Bob, Thanks for sharing above information but just one quick question
    Is CSR app in v8 has any dependency or mandatory license issue to use or purchase Sterling call center.

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