Homebase hits home run with WebSphere Commerce and Coremedia

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Homebase in the United Kingdom went live at the end of last year with their new site built on WebSphere Commerce, Coremedia LiveContext, and the Bloomreach search plugin. In May, at the Amplify conference, Rachael Jones from Homebase spoke about the results their new site has brought in and the figures are outstanding:

• Average Order Amount vs. previous period last year: 8% increase
• Sales based on SEO increased vs. previous period last year:
17% increase
• Traffic to website vs. previous period last year:
36% increase
• Multi-channel sales (mobile optimization):
60% increase

If the sales numbers are not enough, Coremedia has transformed the way the different teams work on the site, offering a full collaboration suite centralized on Coremedia’s content management.. Barriers between business, creative, and IT teams were removed so all can now collaborate directly in CoreMedia. This also freed a lot of time for creative to undertake more strategic initiatives.

Search landing pages are managed in WebSphere Commerce and augmented by content from Coremedia. This is a prime example of which I spoke about in my previous post where Coremedia supports all three options for “owning the glass”. This enables the business users to get an optimum experience in the tools that make the most sense for the job. This also enables the site to promote specific content for search terms, for instance, if the shopper searches for “drills“, Homebase can now easily show promotions related to drills or specific brands of drills like Black & Decker.

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Brand sites like Dulux Paint are now much easier to realize. This drives revenue for Homebase because partners pay for this sponsored content.





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