Should Facebook and other social sites implement a “graphic content” warning before auto-playing videos?

smAfter the barrage of posts about the live shooting of the news anchor and her camera man and watching videos of the shooting it made me think of a feature Facebook and other social media should consider having. There is nothing worse than being around family, co-workers, or my kids and scrolling through my Facebook feed and see videos with questionable content just start playing.

As much as I hate a big brother attitude or punish everyone for something a small percentage of people do, the world we live in is changing rapidly and the content and videos being posted about the many tragedies happening in this world are becoming more and more prevalent.

I think when posting a URL or video on social media there should be a couple of options to flag the content as “graphic” or “not for work” – which then disables auto play with a banner ad warning. I know many people, including myself, simply do not watch many of these videos at work or when the kids are around and something like this might help out just a little.

What do you think, is this a crazy idea?

3 thoughts on “Should Facebook and other social sites implement a “graphic content” warning before auto-playing videos?

  1. Hey Bob, I don’t think this is a crazy idea at all.

    First of all, for many people (me included) auto-playing music and videos gets annoying fast, it doesn’t saves me time, it actually interrupts me from what I’m doing.

    The other point is exactly what you mention, you can’t be safely browsing in public or whether family or children are around because you never know what is going to jump at you on the next scrolling.

    Hopefully Facebook is only testing this and will finally remove it or at least add the option to not auto play videos in their timeline.

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