Adobe, Coremedia, and WebSphere Commerce

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Ever since Adobe and IBM announced their partnership, many have been asking “well which CMS should I pick?”. I am not going to cover Portal or WebSphere Content Management in this post, I am just going to stick with the partner solutions Adobe and Coremedia, so that will have to be for another day.

Now of course this is just my opinion and others may have a different opinion but this is in the world according to Bob.

Adobe award-winning content management system AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) is an excellent product and it actually integrates very well with WebSphere Commerce (WC) for a version 1 product. They are already talking about enhancements they will make going forward, but in the mean time you get a very good integrated experience with WebSphere Commerce. If you have watched the Coremedia video series on YouTube imagine similar techniques but inside of AEM.

Adobe currently has a single integration pattern where Adobe owns the glass with WC owning the check out flow. Coremedia actually supports all three integration patterns: WC owning the glass (integrates with Commerce Composer), Coremedia owns the glass (similar to Adobe’s implementation) and a side-by-side approach where both could own the glass for different areas of the site. Some simple things like using WC segmentation, workspace compatibility, joint product and content search, and the use of precision marketing on the WebSphere Commerce side makes Coremedia a compelling option for a CMS engine. This is probably because Adobe already has a marketing engine in their portfolio, this is an added bonus for Coremedia who has deferred that function to the eCommerce system.

However, we all know Adobe will be investing heavily into this integration so any Adobe shops out there looking for an eCommerce engine you might want to consider WebSphere Commerce, it is only going to get better.

I believe Coremedia combined with WebSphere Commerce is a full blown solution because of the integration with precision marketing. But once again, if you use Adobe’s marketing cloud then you should consider Adobe for your CMS as they tie nicely together.

If you want to see a really nicely integrated site of Coremedia and WebSphere Commerce then check out the new Homebase site. You can also read the press release about the integration Homebase used. The Homebase site is very clean and well-integrated with WebSphere Commerce. The site comes with an excellent search with faceted navigation and they even include a 5 star customer rating in the facets. I also find the store extremely responsive. Well done Homebase!


3 thoughts on “Adobe, Coremedia, and WebSphere Commerce

  1. Unfortunately Bob isn´t that supportive of e-Spirit (and I still wonder why 🙂 like he is for Coremedia, even e-Spirit is providing an integration into IBM WCS sind 2008, with lots of well known customer references in Europe and the US.
    So for everybody else, who might considers to improve IBM WCS in regards of it´s CMS capabilities, please check us out at We are more than happy to prove our capabilities and maybe e-Spirit would be just the perfect fit for you, like for our existing customers.

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  3. Why would you not consider including IBM’s own fully integrated Digital Experience or Marketing Solutions if you are buying WebSphere Commerce? Seems a little strange when they are build to be a fully integrated experience.. It is like when you talk about Adobe owning the glass but don’t talk about the many products that simple statement involves..

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