Learn about Smarter Loyalty for IBM Commerce

The team over at Exchange Solutions have really out done themselves this time. Their Smarter Loyalty plugins for WebSphere Commerce are clean and easy to use. They have created seven easy to use widgets that can be placed on page templates for use throughout your store. These widgets deliver a personalized experience to  your shoppers and your loyalty program.

Smarter Loyalty

Check out the video to learn more about Smarter Loyalty (or click here to see the full-page).//videos.sproutvideo.com/embed/e89bdbb61f19e3cd60/3f67e1dd0e6df443?type=sd

1 thought on “Learn about Smarter Loyalty for IBM Commerce

  1. Hey Bob, really cool service that I’ve never seen before.

    We’re currently in the process to roll out our new e-commerce website with IBM’s WebSphere and this certainly looks like something we could use in the near future, thanks!

    Sergio Felix

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