Experiential Commerce is the future

katieFor those that saw the GreenWheels demonstration and the many sessions at the Smarter Commerce Global Summit this year you saw a very common theme – content, community, and commerce integrated into a seamless experience for the customer.

Social is changing everything in our lives, including the online shopping experience. Brands are looking for better ways to “connect” with their customers and offer more than just the flashy product catalog or the marketing cross-sells and up-sells to entice you to buy more. Brands are looking to “connect” with their customer by enabling them to have a dialog with like-minded shoppers. Tools like Pinterest and Instagram are changing the referral landscape and are proving that a brands name certainly extends way beyond their primary site. But guess what? All brands get that for free, so how do you distinguish your brand?

A growing trend is simply content and community seamlessly merged with a shopping experience. Through communities, articles, blogs, wiki’s, videos, and even forums, brands are taking a lot of this in-house and including this directly into their shopping experience. We saw in our story of Katie how she used the GreenWheels mobile application to join a community, sign up for a ride, and even buy a new bike from a local store. Katie was able to feel like she was part of something bigger – a community within the brand that she could share, engage, and even shop in a single application experience.

These scenarios are all about content. Educating and informing the shopper through style guides, how to articles and videos, and most of all connect them with other shoppers. It is no secret I have worked with CoreMedia over the past many months and they have recently published a very nice white paper “Bringing Content and Commerce Together“. I urge you to check this paper out and re-invent your brand today.

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