Webinar on leveraging WebSphere Commerce business tooling to implement one-to-one marketing


On June 18, 2014 Join WebSphere Commerce thought leader, Jerry Lewis, VP Smarter Commerce at SysIQ, and IBM panelists Errol Denger, Director Product Management and Strategy, Bob Balfe, Brand Solution Architect, Smarter Commerce, and James Fong, IBM Commerce Product Manager,  for a Webinar on leveraging WebSphere Commerce business tooling to implement one-to-one marketing – click here to register today.

Learn how to get the most out of WebSphere Commerce personalization and precision marketing by employing out of the box capabilities of Management Center.  In this webinar we not only describe how to deliver 1 to 1 marketing, but we also show you exactly what to do to make it happen using live demo stores.  Topic areas will include personalization techniques for promotions, search, advertisements, offers, cross sells, landing pages, static contents, closed loop marketing, segmentation, merchandise attributes, and more.  We will also show a few content management tricks and tips for increasing the flexibility of merchandized landing pages and content spots.  Finally, we’ll offer tips and caveats for personalization in a responsive website design, so that your personalized content and offers display correctly and effectively no matter the device your customer is using.

Space at this Webinar is limited so sign up today!

Note: registrations are subject to approval by SysIQ.


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