Tip of The Day: Mobile Simulation With Chrome

chrome-os-2odl-800Quick Tip of the Day – don’t have a mobile device? Then use Chrome to test your responsive design on many kinds of devices! I have used this technique specifically to test what the site will actually look like on a mobile device. Even though responsive designs “work” when  you resize the browser, sometime it’s not perfect.


2 thoughts on “Tip of The Day: Mobile Simulation With Chrome

  1. How do you get the tabs Console:Search:Emulation:Rendering to show up below the source? I don’t get that…

  2. To get the emulator tabs you’ll first need to click on the “Show drawer” menu option. You can find that in the developer tools menubar. It’s the icon at the right of the menubar (next to the cog wheel) that looks like a right pointing chevron with three horizontal bars. It’s light blue in the screencast.

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