IBM Commerce Composer for WebSphere Commerce Demonstration

marco-commerce-composerThe one and only Marco Deluca from the IBM WebSphere Commerce development team walks you through the very cool Commerce Composer tool now included with WebSphere Commerce.

5 thoughts on “IBM Commerce Composer for WebSphere Commerce Demonstration

  1. Hi Bob,

    my changes are reflecting in the store preview but I am not able to see my changes in store front. the changes are about category recommendation widget.

      • Hi Bob,

        Thanks for quick response. I am trying it in local server and it is just basic functionality I want to display 4 categories in the home page. I was created one category recommendation web activity and assign 4 categories to the Activity then checking my changes in store preview and it is working as expected but the problem is my changes are not reflecting in storefront pages,

        I was cleared the browsing history, deleted the temp and restarted the server…no luck at all.

        could you please help me to resolve this issue. I am using Aurora store with FEP 7(latest Feature pack version).

      • Without seeing your environment the only thing I can think of is are the categories you are choosing showing up in the navigation?

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