New Video: CKEditor in WebSphere Commerce Introduction


Content formatting for a website is probably one of the most important aspects of building a web site. The CKEditor, arguably one of the best rich text editors around, is now included in several places in the WebSphere Commerce tooling for business users.

In this video I show the new CKEditor implementation in the WebSphere Commerce Management Center tooling (for business users). I don’t dive too deeply but one thing I do show is how easily the CKEditor can be extended with plugins – one of the best features of the CKEditor and certainly one of the reasons why it is so popular. I used the plugin by Raymond Wenz which literally just gets dropped into the plugins directory with little modification. While the focus of this video isn’t the Google Map plugin I think it shows how flexible and open the CKEditor.


New BlueMix video list on YouTube

For those that are interested in following or subscribing to videos on YouTube about BlueMix I have created a new public list called “BlueMix Videos“.


Top 5 reasons why NodeJS rocks!

nodejs_0NodeJS has been around for almost five years and until recently it has been a focus point for geeks, pioneers, and chat programs. Recently it has been getting some amazing press from things like BlueMix and JazzHub and of course the social sites. I started playing around with NodeJS about a month ago and I have compiled my top five reasons why NodeJS rocks:

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What are the IBM WebSphere Commerce Validated Technology Partner Solutions?

wsc-isv-partner-300x300With the launch for Feature Pack 7 of WebSphere Commerce came a new Widget Framework (more on that in a later post) and with that framework came a list of technology partners who have contributions to the base product in the form of widgets and other integrations. In the next series of blog posts I am going to dive into each of these partner solutions and see what they are all about. The partners span a large set of functionality, bringing a fairly comprehensive set of function to the base WebSphere Commerce platform.

IBM WebSphere Commerce Validated Technology Partners bring together innovative and relevant e-commerce services and solutions to help serve the global community of IBM WebSphere Commerce customers across a wide range of industries. By leveraging pre-built integrations, WebSphere Commerce customers can deliver additional value faster with complimentary capabilities that differentiate the customer experience. – link

Here is a list of areas where validated technology partners have provided extended functionality to the platform:

  • Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Campaign Management & Marketing
  • Community, Social & Customer Engagement
  • Content Management & Rich Media
  • Order Management & Fulfillment
  • Omni-Channel – In-Store & Mobile
  • Payments, Pricing & Tax
  • Product Management & Configuration
  • Search Optimization

For more information check out the IBM WebSphere Commerce Validated Technology Partner Solutions page.

Cool game based on MQTT and NodeJS and deployed on Jazzhub, and BlueMix!

Had a very short but cool discussion yesterday on Twitter with Ken Walker and Bryan Boyd about his game based on MQTT and JavaScript. The game is written with NodeJS and Ken deployed it on JazzHub and BlueMix! Check out Ken’s video below.

Great job guys!

Google Chrome Tip – Bookmarking multiple windows

google-chrome-bookmarkI have a lot of bookmarks and many times when I am working on a project or doing some of my own personal things I like to have a “workbench” of tabs open in Google Chrome. I use this both at work and at home. For instance, at work I have many IBM Connections communities I would like to read the news from or contribute to so I have a folder of bookmarks for all the common Communities I contribute to. I also have a folder for other administrative work like travel, expenses, my opportunities, and my field sales reports. This feature really helps me organize my thoughts when working on the particular task by automating the opening of these tabs.

In this video I show how you can bookmark all of your open tabs and then open all of those tabs with a single click.

The much anticipated Feature Pack 7 for WebSphere Commerce is here!

wc-composerFeature Pack 7, or FEP7, is probably the most ambitious delivery for the WebSphere Commerce team in the version 7 time. I heavily blogged and created videos for FEP5 and FEP6 which provided the stepping stone for the new IBM Commerce Composer feature.

The new Commerce Composer tool in Management Center puts the power to create new store pages and design page layouts in the hands of business users. By using a library of prebuilt layout templates and widgets, business users can quickly create and assemble pages directly in Management Center, without involving IT – link

This makes WebSphere Commerce a lot closer to a content management system more than ever. Allowing business users to create and layout pages without the help of IT is a big deal. Another key feature that will surely raise some eyebrows is the native ability to fully integrate with other content management systems. For instance,  if WebSphere Commerce is integrated with IBM Web Content Manager, you can use content from IBM Web Content Manager content libraries with Management Center objects (link).

Make sure you watch the new video on the Commerce Composer in the InfoCenter here.