Top 5 reasons why you would want IBM Mobile Web Push on your web site

Many marketing platforms offer advertisement placement within the layout of the web site. eCommerce solutions (like WebSphere Commerce) even offer powerful precision marketing engines to personalize content inside of widgets or espots within the layout of the page. I have five reasons why you would use a marketing tool like IBM Mobile Web Push for your site that will enable marketing beyond the page layout:

  1. You get an out of the box “inbox” of the offers you have received. The marketing person can even control whether to send the offer as a popup message or directly to the inbox.
  2. The inbox can easily be customized as there are API’s to the offer data store – I am thinking jQuery or Dojo for a really cool experience.
  3. You can send customer and page data to the Reactor server which gives the marketing person the ability to isolate offers specific pages and shoppers on the site
  4. You can completely customize the offer user interface – ie. have a popup in the middle of the screen, a slide in to the right, left, bottom, or top of the site.
  5. You can create custom events for tracking, analytics, and custom messaging.

IBM Mobile Web Push Slide

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