New Video: CKEditor in WebSphere Commerce Introduction


Content formatting for a website is probably one of the most important aspects of building a web site. The CKEditor, arguably one of the best rich text editors around, is now included in several places in the WebSphere Commerce tooling for business users.

In this video I show the new CKEditor implementation in the WebSphere Commerce Management Center tooling (for business users). I don’t dive too deeply but one thing I do show is how easily the CKEditor can be extended with plugins – one of the best features of the CKEditor and certainly one of the reasons why it is so popular. I used the plugin by Raymond Wenz which literally just gets dropped into the plugins directory with little modification. While the focus of this video isn’t the Google Map plugin I think it shows how flexible and open the CKEditor.

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  1. Hi Bob, Thanks for the Video. It is very informative . I am currently exploring new features with Aurora . This is really good feature for business.

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