Top 5 reasons why NodeJS rocks!

nodejs_0NodeJS has been around for almost five years and until recently it has been a focus point for geeks, pioneers, and chat programs. Recently it has been getting some amazing press from things like BlueMix and JazzHub and of course the social sites. I started playing around with NodeJS about a month ago and I have compiled my top five reasons why NodeJS rocks:

#5 Reason

It grew up in an internet enabled world. I know this is probably a lame reason but the reality is this technology is the result of many other technologies and applications. This means its had the maturity of other platforms to guide its initial design and in the end the implementation is simple and elegant. The founder even stated the frustration with the Flickr upload control:

Dahl was inspired to create Node.js after seeing a file upload progress bar on Flickr. The browser did not know how much of the file had been uploaded and had to query the web server. Dahl wanted an easier way. –link

#4 Reason

Creating a web server is pretty much a one line call. Node prides itself on its simplicity and creating a web server both in the cloud or locally could not get any easy. There are no packages, tons of files, or even a specific operating system it only works on (which was not the case in the beginning.

#3 Reason

Plugins and the NPM package manager. Plugins are the corner stone for all platforms in my opinion. Look at Eclipse and WordPress as prime examples. Those two platforms excelled because of their plugin eco-system. Now that Node is fairly popular the plugin people are coming out of everywhere. Plugins like Jade and Express have pushed Node into the world of real application building.

#2 Reason

Completely event driven. This is very disruptive to many programmers because most programmers grew up in a world of procedural programming. This took the basic concepts of event programming libraries (like JMS, Windows, etc) and standardized on it in the core language.

And the #1 Reason is:

The same language on both client and server! This is by far to me the best reason for adopting Node. No longer is the world where you have “server” and “client” developers. With the omnipresence of JavaScript you simply can not go wrong and the talent pool for JavaScript programmers has steadily grown over the years.  With a more than 30% gain in 2013, I can’t wait to see next years report on CodeEval. With PHP developers losing over 50%, I wonder where all of those programmers are going…



4 thoughts on “Top 5 reasons why NodeJS rocks!

  1. Totally agree with you. There are still some people that look down their noses at JavaScript but it’s getting harder by the day to argue against the value proposition of only having to be proficient and keep up-to-date with one language.

    I started tinkering with nodejs about 2 years ago but have switched to Wakanda because it is more of an all-in-one solution that includes a database, IDE, directory, etc.(kinda like Notes/Domino)

  2. The next thing to check out: vert.x and (based on vert.x) Nodyn. They bring node.js style development to the JVM. Big difference vert.x is polyglot: Java, JavaScript, Scala, Ruby, Python, Groovy — mix as you deem fit

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