What are the IBM WebSphere Commerce Validated Technology Partner Solutions?

wsc-isv-partner-300x300With the launch for Feature Pack 7 of WebSphere Commerce came a new Widget Framework (more on that in a later post) and with that framework came a list of technology partners who have contributions to the base product in the form of widgets and other integrations. In the next series of blog posts I am going to dive into each of these partner solutions and see what they are all about. The partners span a large set of functionality, bringing a fairly comprehensive set of function to the base WebSphere Commerce platform.

IBM WebSphere Commerce Validated Technology Partners bring together innovative and relevant e-commerce services and solutions to help serve the global community of IBM WebSphere Commerce customers across a wide range of industries. By leveraging pre-built integrations, WebSphere Commerce customers can deliver additional value faster with complimentary capabilities that differentiate the customer experience. – link

Here is a list of areas where validated technology partners have provided extended functionality to the platform:

  • Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Campaign Management & Marketing
  • Community, Social & Customer Engagement
  • Content Management & Rich Media
  • Order Management & Fulfillment
  • Omni-Channel – In-Store & Mobile
  • Payments, Pricing & Tax
  • Product Management & Configuration
  • Search Optimization

For more information check out the IBM WebSphere Commerce Validated Technology Partner Solutions page.

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