Using IBM Web Mobile Push to turn anonymous into registered users

pushdev1In this blog post by Michael Bordash he shows how you can use IBM Web Mobile Push to turn the anonymous reader into a registered user. While this concept isn’t new, I think the simplicity of the IBM Web Mobile Push platform is what is key here. The Campaign manager and its ability to easily create custom events, logs, segments, and messages is what I think is so attractive with this solution. I have seen many platforms that allow this and very rarely is the administration of such campaigns so straightforward. In one of my earlier posts, “IBM Mobile Web Push in 90 seconds – The Sports Ticker App – Part 2“, I demonstrated creating a basic campaign in 90 seconds. Granted, I went pretty fast but I think you can see the value in the easy to use form and rules builder presented. I plan on creating more complex scenarios to show the flexibility and power of this platform.

You might want to also check out some of the premium options for the platform. Like Location – where you can dynamically create segments based on browser location and IP based location or the Weather based option which is a partnership with Wunderground weather service.


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