IBM Mobile Web Push in 90 seconds – The Sports Ticker App – Part 2

90In this last video of the two part segment I show how I use the IBM Mobile Web Push in an application I am building by keying off of data feed events in the application and sending those events to the campaign manager. The campaign manager evaluates the data in the rules I created and decides whether to push an offer to the device. To illustrate how easy the campaign manager user interface is I attempt to do this in less than 90 seconds.

If you want to play around with the code and see how to interact with the campaign manager feel free to check it out on GitHub here. I built the application on NodeJS for simplicity and speed. The primary code is in usports.js, where I simulate getting the feed and sending events to my campaign manager for evaluation. The code snippet that calls into the Reactor Campaign Manager can be seen below in Listing 1. This is just one example of real-time marketing where I override the default “inbox” in the IBM Mobile Web Push user interface and use a jQuery popup instead. You can imagine that I could extend this application to hold all of my coupons or offers in a list and present a notifications number notification like many other mobile applications.

Listing 1
46 if (script[t_idx].data == "halftime"){
48     //Now send a notification to reactor
49     Reactor.reset();
51     Reactor.Client.setAttribute("game", "ncaa");
52     Reactor.Client.setAttribute("half", "first");
54     var newPage = new Reactor.Event("PAGE_VIEW", function(message){
56     });
57     Reactor.EventManager.fireEvent(newPage);
59 }

You can get started yourself by following the same path in the catalog here or click the advertisement below.


You can watch the first video from the previous post: Getting started with IBM Mobile Web Push – Mobile Messaging for marketing – Part 1


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