Showthiefing, it’s coming to your store…


This is classic in my opinion. I just read this article where Amazon will be “making it easier” for people to “scan” brick and mortar products and have that product automatically be added to their Amazon cart. I say “scan” because that’s all you have to do is take a picture with your phone and in seconds the product is added to your Amazon cart. The technology behind it is simple pattern and packaging recognition. Although I am sure its more complicated than that….

With that, I am now coining this action as “showthiefing” and no one can use that without my direct permission!

6 thoughts on “Showthiefing, it’s coming to your store…

  1. No problem, Bob. I’ll just copyright “showthieving” instead. đŸ˜›

    P.S: It’s only stealing if the person who had the property before is deprived of it.

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