Tough Mudder and Wounded Warrior Project!

Me-marinesI just signed up for the Tough Mudder Upstate New York event (check out the video below). I figure I would motivate myself by looking at my old Marine pictures and even including one in this post from long ago, too long ago actually.

If you feel inclined, I am also raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project so please go and give. Help our wounded veterans today and donate!

3 thoughts on “Tough Mudder and Wounded Warrior Project!

  1. You may not know this Bob but WWP is basically a legal scam. Please look into this as they are making millions of dollars per year on the backs of those brave men and women who served. But less than .30 cents of every dollar gets to the vets. They are shameful and you, like myself, was taken in by their sneaky advertising.

    • I have looked into it and I don’t think I agree with you. I researched around to many different sites and the WWP currently gives $.65 for every dollar given, which is a lot higher than most organizations.

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