Youtility – helping actually sells in the end

I just watched a video by the one and only Jay Baer about smart marketing and it reminds me of the videos I create for technology and more recently specifically about Smarter Commerce for marketing people. Since I have been creating these videos I have had a lot of great support and comments from people all across the industry. I sometimes go into a client and many times someone in the room has seen my videos. One woman said she actually watched every one of my videos on WebSphere Commerce – at the time there were almost 50 videos on my channel – I was impressed! My channel has gotten over 52,000 views – yes, these are not “viral” videos to say the least. My focus on the channel is to provide non-market centric grass roots videos. Meaning, I make mistakes, its just me talking and showing/doing tasks in the tooling. The intention is to “help” people and give them ideas for their own situations. Does every customer use every piece of technology of a product, probably not – but knowing something exists is a valuable element.

Jay makes some really good points through a few stories, I think you will enjoy the talk so check it out. You should also check out Jay’s book: Youtility to learn more about this concept and the impact it could have on your products.

“The difference between helping and selling is two letters. But these two letters make all of the difference. If you sell something you create a customer today. If you help someone, you create a customer tomorrow” – Jay Baer

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