The most impressive demonstration at NRF 2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 12.54.27 PMI will admit that I did not see every demonstration or product at NRF and while the Intel booth had some great technology, I think the Watson + Fluid + Northface demonstration was the best.  It was the best for a couple of primary reasons. One, it showed a natural way for a person to shop and two, the responses from Watson were similar to that of a human (in context) but of course in digital format. If you Google (Watson Fluid Northface) you will see all kinds of coverage on this technology and implementation.

You can also watch Ginni Rometty showing a demo at NRF14 of the Expert Personal Shopper (EPS) on the Northface web site. This demo was also given at the IBM booth. The video is 54 minutes long but the The Northface + Fluid + Watson demo is between 20:00-23:30, yes, only about 3 minutes.

Here is a snippet of the conversation:

Ginni – “I am gearing up for a 14 day back packing trip. What equipment do I need?”

EPS – Responds with Expedition Tents, Cold Weather Sleeping Bags, Technical Packs, Expeditions in Patagonia

Ginni – “What technical pack is needed for an expedition to Fitz Roy Patagonian in the winter?”

EPS – Responds with “These are the packs suited for winter expeditions” and lists a set of North Face packs and even recommends a specific pack – the Prophet 65 pack and mentions ABS technology.

Ginni – “Can you tell me about ABS technology?”

EPS – responds with a technical article about the Avalanche AirBag System

Ginni then continues the discussion by asking how the back pack is rated.  This to me is the evolution of product search and education. Imagine going to your favorite online store and was able to ask these kinds of questions for the product you are interested in.




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