Synchronized Shopping with, very cool indeed!

One of the coolest products I saw at NRF 2014 was the synchronized shopping experience that showed. As you can see in the picture below, the application on the mobile device synchronizes with what is on your television and shows you products that have been tagged for the current scene. In the screen shot a customer can purchase the same red dress the actress is wearing in the show. I explained this to my wife and she really liked the concept because she is always wondering “what is she wearing?” or “I love that dress”. I can see this kind of technology being merged into products like the Xbox, Netflix, and any other platform that wants to “take over” the living room.

The way it works is by sound recognition, similar to the way MusicID or Shazam apps work by identifying the sound of the current program and scene and showing a list of products that have been configured for that scene. Synchronized shopper

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