This is a voice dictated blog post

dictationI am using my Mac voice recognition to type this blog post. While I think this technology is pretty cool, correcting mistakes still requires the mouse and keyboard. I am very surprised the technology works with my voice with no training. So far I have spoken this blog post with no mistakes. I am not sure if I would ever use this going forward for writing blog posts but I do think it is interesting. I am not using A plug-in microphone, I am using the built-in microphone in the iMac monitor. If this actually allowed you to do correction I think the technology would be much more valuable.

You can also do things like:-) or even a:-(.

Punctuation, Typography, capitalization, and currency symbols are well supported.

You can even do intellectual property signs like the ©,®,™.

I can even format a number. Four instance 2342.

In the end I think this is pretty cool.

<<end of dictation>>

To learn more about voice dictation on your Mac you can check out this article which gives you all of the commands supported.


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