Top 20 posts on this blog in 2013: SEO stands out!

glassesSimilar to all years, the Home Page was king on this site. However, I would like to point out a new contender among the posts – “Why do you favorite a tweet?“. This was posted earlier this year in April and has been a popular target for SEO. The title is basic, it asks a question, and many apparently ask the search engines the same question. The key for me in this space is to “get the word out”. Use social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. However as you can see from my referer post it’s all about SEO. Make sure your content and title are relevant and searchable!

Once again, thanks for reading my blog and have a happy new year!

From the chart below, you can see it had a lot of hits on the first day but because of SEO it maintained hits consistently throughout the year.


Top 20 posts for 2013


Title Views
Home page / Archives 12,162
Which Java sort is faster – MergeSort, QuickSort or Arrays.sort? 6,259
Why do you favorite a tweet? 2,837
Online and FREE Image map tool for HTML 2,520
Getting and setting radio button values with JQuery 2,430
Finding the XPath in Internet Explorer 2,313
Where are all of these Eclipse preferences stored? 1,989
plugin_customization.ini and Eclipse preferences 1,811
Properly cleaning up a JQuery Dialog box to prevent memory leaks 1,652
Sorting a HashMap in Java: SortedMap to the rescue! 1,605
Can’t remember that person who Sametime’d you? 1,518
Killer App for iPhone: Group Text! 859
Goodbye Flash games, here comes Game Maker Studio! 843
New OpenNTF Project – Multiple Database Search 840
What the heck is an eSpot? 836
Dojo.query and forEach loop, a powerful combination 775
Window Builder for Eclipse – for SWT, RCP and SWING UI’s 739
About Me 726
IBM’s Processor Value Unit [PVU] licensing for Distributed Software 699
Kick ass Group Calendar for Lotus Notes 691

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