Enhancing your brand experience with digital wallets

DigitalCouponSplash-smallWhy do companies still send out coupons through snail mail? In this day and age where most people don’t even carry cash, wouldn’t it be nice to not have to bring coupons with you shopping?  How about going up to the point of sale and swiping a membership card (or look you up) and having all of your coupons readily available to apply right there and then?

Setting up a digital coupon in WebSphere Commerce is pretty straight forward and in this post I want to outline how you can make the digital experience for your customers enjoyable.

1. Use email

Yes, I know, everyone hates getting emails. There is enough spam out there already so adding more emails may not make the most sense but it is a tried and true delivery platform. Imagine getting an email with the subject “Your digital coupon has arrived” and the only thing you have to do is click the promotion image in the email.

2. Use a social platform

This gets a little more complicated but imaging you get a post on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram that also says “Click here to get 10% off your next purchase” and you get a digital coupon in your wallet on the site versus having to remember a coupon code.

3. Send a notification via a native aplication

Similar to what I have on this site with Xtify you can send notifications to your customers through a native application. The key is getting them to install the application on the device but once you are past that you are gold. They could have a “Digital Coupon Wallet” section in the application that lists all of their coupons and their expiration dates.

4. Reminders

It is also important to remind customers their digital coupons are about to expire. This can be sent in any of the formats previously listed.

In my opinion, you only give the coupon to people who actually click the link from the delivery platform. This way you drive traffic to your site or your application. In WebSphere Commerce this is a very basic rule to offer a coupon. Let’s check out a couple of ways to set up this rule.

In the rule below I check if the customer is registered and if they visit a page (a landing page, possibly from one of the delivery mechanisms mentioned earlier) with a URL parameter “coupon=holiday2013” it issues them the coupon:



In another example I show how you reward customers for social participation. In this rule if the customer participates in any social activity (rate products, comments, shares photos, likes a product to facebook, etc) I issue them the Social Promoter coupon.


As shown in my last video (click here to watch) the customer not only does not have to carry around coupons but they can go to their account page and see their “digital wallet” of currently active coupons:


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