Top 20 Search terms to this blog in 2013, Content is KING!

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 11.03.49 AMSearch terms are words readers put into Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc and get directed to your site. This is also a good indicator for what your site is “known for” on the internet. When you create content and people search for that content on a search engine, then actually click on that content the search site actually grades the clicks on the different results for that search term. In other words, if your content is clicked on more than any other content on the internet then your content will eventually bubble up to the top. In many respects it use to be a lot about the title but search engines are getting smarter and the actual content is even more relevant today. So while in days of yore your title attracted traffic, it is the content that keeps it coming!

Top 20 Search Terms

Search Views
flash game maker 142
why favorite a tweet 138
plugin_customization.ini 122
fastest sorting algorithm in java 89
why do people favorite tweets 59
java xpath 54
zeroaccess virus 49
lotus notes group calendar 48
eclipse delphi 47
jdojo 43
favorite a tweet 38
where are eclipse preferences stored 37
websphere commerce tutorial 35
eclipse 3.7 download 33
dojo samples 31
websphere mq training 30
what is sugarcrm 28
eclipse preferences 27
websphere commerce marketing activity customer segments 25
image map tool 25
why favourite a tweet 25

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